Ways to Get Your Seychelles Travel Authorization?




A Seychelles Travel Authorization is essential for any traveler wanting to visit the gorgeous islands in the Indian Ocean. Apply to your Health Travel Authority for the Republic of Seychelles via the government web site. You need to have the following advice for application: passport or national ID Permanent resident identification card (or EIC) Contact details (cellular phone, email, postal address) Trip information (destination, time, length, mode of traveling, traveling companions names and contact numbers of household members) It is suggested to prepare a list of all the items you'd like to carry with you on your trip. Make sure these items are packed well and are not bulky or hard to take. In addition, it is also advised to carry additional clothing, bags, drugs and other accessories, depending on the weather conditions. Prior to leaving for your trip, review this information and pack accordingly.



The very first step in receiving a Seychelles travel authorization would be to use for accommodation in any of the resorts, beach hotels, or guesthouses around Seychelles. If you reserve your accommodation in advance, your travel insurance must cover the cost of accommodation. If you are travelling as part of a bigger group, then it is recommended to book your Seychelles lodging in advance as well. As soon as you've received a confirmation for your accommodation, you can proceed to reserve your tickets for departure from the respective ports of call. This includes flights, cruises, buses, vans and boats.



The second step in obtaining a Seychelles travel authorization is to obtain a visa for entry to the Republic of Seychelles. So as to do so, you'll need to contact your nearest embassy or consulate and inquire about their entrance requirements. Once you are in possession of all of the needed files, you can now contact the Immigration authorities at the port of departure or any other port of entry. You will be asked to stay in the exact same lodging as your passport is stamped with your visa. The immigration authorities at the seaport will even check if you have brought with you all the necessary documents for safe passing. If not, they will direct you to another port of entry where a visa can be found.


The final step in obtaining your Seychelles permission to stay is to fill out an application for the Special category license. The permit is valid for three decades and may be renewed upon expiry. The Special class license is extremely valid and is different from normal tourist visas and permits. The three-year validity allows visitors to stay in the nation for a maximum of three successive decades. Just government officials, foreign diplomats and Consular personnel are permitted to obtain the special category visa.

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